Tools and Resources for NESFab

This page contains a list of links for learning NESFab and NES programming.



Text Editors

You can use any text editor with NESFab, but only a few have syntax highlighting. The following are guaranteed to work:

If you don't care about syntax highlighting, Notepad++ is a great text editor for beginners.

Graphics - Tilesets

The NES is a tile-based system, and uses tilesets called CHR. These tilesets are 2-bits-per-pixel, and are comprised of 8x8 pixel tiles. The following programs can be used to create and edit these tilesets:

NESFab can input either .CHR files, or .PNG files, so feel free to use whatever you like.

Graphics - Backgrounds and More

To produce graphics, tiles are arranged to encompass a background, comprised of 256x240 pixel regions known as nametables. Typically, these nametables are produced on-the-fly during gameplay, but in situations like title screens, it's handy to edit them by hand. The following programs can be used:

Depending on your game, you may rely heavily on these, or you may not.

Level Editors


NESFab includes its own audio driver called PUF, which has support for importing audio from the following programs:

Note that the PUF driver cannot handle every sound produced by these programs. Before composing music, it's a good idea to read the documentation in the driver source code.


You'll want an emulator to test your game. The following are recommended:

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