Pubby Pad for DDR & ITG

An inexpensive dance pad for rhythm gaming.

I'm making wooden "Dance Dance Revolution" pads over the coming months at a cheap price point. These are for people who want something nicer than a flexible foam pad, but aren't keen on shelling out $400+ for a hard pad.


• Small Size

The Pubby Pad is a cross between a full-sized pad and a mini travel pad. It's small enough to be cheap to manufacture and ship, but large enough to enable most playstyles. The buttons are roughly 80% the size of a real pad, meaning you can jump around without feeling too restricted.

• Force Sensitive Resistor (FSR) Buttons

The buttons use force sensitive resistors (FSRs) to detect steps, which are some of the highest quality sensors around. These sensors can be configured using software, meaning you don't have to open the pad up and insert pennies to adjust the sensitivity. You can have buttons that require a feather touch, or buttons that require a small stomp; it's up to you.

• Resilient, Cost-Effective Design

Engineered wood comprises the pad, with commercial-grade laminate flooring for the top surface. The nice thing about laminate flooring is that it's designed to be stepped on; it's smooth, hard, and very stiff, and should withstand even the heaviest players. In construction, the pad is similar to the Bandit Travel Pad, which is a sturdy and reliable low-cost design.

• USB Support

Windows, Linux, and Mac are all supported, and the pad comes with a long USB wire to connect it. The hardware identifies as a generic video game controller, so it should work out of the box.


The current price is $175 per pad, plus shipping.

Shipping to the USA uses the following rates:

Zone 1 Pad 2 Pads
Green States $29 $39
Yellow States $34 $49
Orange States $39 $59
Purple States $79 $139

If you live outside of the USA, I will provide you with a custom shipping quote.


Pads will be available soon. If you would like to get on the waiting list, please e-mail the link below:

When the pads are manufactured, you'll receive an e-mail with purchasing information.

Manufacturing Updates:

Software Downloads:

Software for changing the pad's sensitivity can be found on Github. You can also find the pad's firmware there.

User Guide:

For help and support, check out the online User Guide.

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